Operations Research Makes List of Top 5 STEM Professions Employing Women

My February 2016 issue of ORMS Today says that “operations research analyst” is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) profession with the third-highest percentage of women.  The percentage of OR analysts who are women is 55.4%.  I’m glad to see that, and I’m not that surprised, given what I’ve seen in the profession.

The sentence that caught my eye, though, was this one: “This field only has 55.4 percent female workers, but that is still a considerable amount when looking at women in STEM.”  Only 55.4%?  What I think they mean is that for the STEM profession with the third-highest percentage of women, that’s a relatively small number.  But it sure looks funny to say “only,” which seems to imply that 55.4% is somehow not a large enough percentage of women.  (Would 44.6% men be too many?)

ORMS Today gives the source as the January 12, 2016, edition of USA Today.  I couldn’t find that online, but I did find this site that gives the same text quoted in ORMS Today.

A couple of pages later, in the “Newsmakers” section, ORMS Today says that, “According to [MIT Professor Richard] Larson, people can expect to spend one to two years of their lives waiting in line, most of it stuck in traffic.”  Yikes!


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