I am a math professor at the University of Puget Sound, a liberal arts college in Tacoma, Washington.

I use this blog to talk some about my own work, posts that I find interesting on Mathematics Stack Exchange (a math question-and-answer site I used to regularly hang out on), and whatever else I happen to be thinking about mathematically.  My background is in operations research, and my interests tend to lie at the intersection of combinatorics, probability, and optimization.  Since 2017 I’ve gotten more interested in mathematics in computer-based games, so there are more posts on that topic since then.

— Mike Spivey

5 Responses to About

  1. Geoff says:

    Great stuff Mike! Have you ever weighed in on the Monty Hall problem?

    • mzspivey says:


      On the Monty Hall problem – no, I haven’t written on it. I feel like lots of other people have already done it well. I’ll keep it in mind for a future post anyway, though!

  2. Minx says:

    Hi Mike! I find your content really inspiring! Btw I find the picture you use as a background very nostalgic, like I have seen this place before (ik weird). Do you have any clue where this place is? Or any source for where you got the picture?

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